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The Association of Health Care Journalists is the world's leading professional organization dedicated to better reporting on health and health care. Those who join are making an investment in their own careers and in the advancement of better journalism itself.



AHCJ offers top-notch health journalism training through large annual conferences, affordable regional workshops, special topic seminars, customized fellowship programs, travel stipends and timely webcasts.
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AHCJ offers an extensive website featuring a daily blog, reporting tip sheets, health-related datasets, how-to articles by fellow journalists, reporting guidebooks and complimentary access to more than 50 medical and health journals and databases.
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AHCJ offers opportunities to connect with peers and potential professional collaborators through an emailed Daily Update, an electronic discussion list, through conference and workshop events, through local chapters and through social networking outlets including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
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Just belonging to AHCJ confers a certain professional status. It says you believe in high standards for journalism and you hold yourself to those standards. Membership also offers opportunities to review the latest job openings, to list yourself in our freelance directory, to search for fellowship opportunities, to make informal mentoring connections and even provides transition assistance, when needed.
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AHCJ advocates for journalists’ rights and public access to government information and data. It also helps instruct reporters on seeking this information on the federal, state and local levels. A Right to Know Committee, made up of fellow members, stands ready to assist you.
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